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The more your employees learn and grow, the more they can do the same for your company. Would you agree?


One key factor that affects productivity is the tools your team utilizes on a daily basis like Microsoft Office.

Join our Microsoft Bootcamp course now!


We offer a  Bootcamp of all Microsoft Office tools which gives your team hands-on knowledge they can apply right away!


The course, designed for end-users, will provide students with the knowledge and skills to efficiently use Office 365 on a day-to-day basis. 


Students will learn or refresh their knowledge of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Project and Outlook. Each one of these Microsoft components include either 2 or 3 course levels.

Learning at PURE IT Academy means:

- 3-DAY Bootcamps: providing you & your team with hands-on knowledge in a short amount of time

- On-site or at the PURE IT Academy depending on your preference

- Customized training to your necessities or level of you and your team

- Optional: your team can enjoy a fully catered course with drinks and food


Are you and your team in need of a refresh course or want to learn new skills?

Feel free to contact me to advise you on a customized training package.

UPON Request

12 hours course

New Service 

Microsoft Office Courses for


You as an individual can now benefit of our New Service of Microsoft Courses at an affordable price while gaining knowledge with hands-on approach.





Excel and Outlook Training

I already had the basic knowledge of Excel and outlook but with this training I got to know how to work with all features which helped me with my work and also personal life.


Now I can work better with outlook when sending a mail and working with excel.

I would like to recommend all professionals to do their office training at Pure IT Academy

El Tributo

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