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Corporate courses

Besides IT courses your employees can also benefit from non-technical courses. You can now train your employees online either within or after business hours. We have a variety of professional development courses to meet your staff training needs. Whether you are looking for a whole-day or half-day course, within or after business hours, a virtual instructor-led training or customized training, we've got you covered

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Keep employees skills up-to-date

Your employees are your most expensive and valuable business asset. Their skills determine the quality of your products and services. When you upgrade those skills, you upgrade the productivity and quality of your whole operation. 

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Level up your company with customized training content

Our Course Collections give your employees the proven edge they need to succeed.

Virtual & On-Site Instructor led courses

Even though your company may have employees working from home you can still accomplish the career development goals for this year. Choose from our variety of corporate courses which can also be tailored to your organization needs.

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Excel lv 1 - 3

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Word lv 1 - 3

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PowerPoint lv 1 & 2

Outlook lv 1 & 2


Office 365 End user


Cyber Security Awareness




Specific topic Instructor led courses

If you have already got an excel course training and need an refreshment you can participate at our specific topic virtual training courses.

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Working with charts

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Pivot Table

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Pivot Table, VLOOKUP and ranges

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Formulas and Functions

Move your business forward with the right skills

Register for any of our corporate courses by filling in the course request form. 

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