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GDPR course description

5 days course

Lunch included

Course description

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Foundation and Practitioner

The Certified EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Foundation and Practitioner Combination course is a 5 day bootcamp. This unique training programme provides a comprehensive introduction to the requirements of the GDPR, and a practical guide to planning, implementing and maintaining a GDPR compliance programme.

Delivered by an experienced data protection consultant, the course is built on the foundations of our extensive practical experience advising on implementing compliance with data privacy laws and related information security standards such as ISO 27001.

This Foundation-level course provides a complete introduction to the GDPR, and an overview of the key implementation and compliance activities.  The Practitioner-level course is focused on equipping attendees with the knowledge and skills to implement and manage an effective privacy and information security compliance programme under the GDPR.



Key outcomes Foundation

  • Essential GDPR background and terminology.

  • The six data protection principles.

  • Special categories of personal data.

  • The rights of data subjects, including data access requests.

  • The roles of controllers and processors.

  • Data protection by design.

  • Securing personal data.

  • Reporting data breaches.

  • How to perform a data protection impact assessment (DPIA).

  • The data protection officer (DPO) role.

  • Transferring personal data outside the EU.

  • The powers of supervisory authorities.

Key outcomes Practitioner

  • What constitutes personal data

  • Accountability, the privacy compliance framework and PIMS (personal information management system)

  • Lessons to be learnt from common data security failures

  • The six data protection principles – how to apply them and demonstrate compliance

  • Security of personal data

  • Organisational risk management framework

  • Legal requirements for a DPIA (data protection impact assessment)

  • How to conduct a DPIA with a DPIA tool

  • Why and how to conduct a data mapping exercise

  • The rights of data subjects

  • Giving and withdrawing consent

  • Handling data subject access requests

  • Roles of, and relationships between, controllers and processors

  • Transferring personal data outside the EU, and the mechanisms for compliance

  • How to prepare for GDPR compliance using a compliance gap assessment tool

GDPR Key outcomes
GDPR Who is this for?

Who is this for?

Business directors or managers who want to understand how the requirements of the GDPR will affect their organisation. 

Managers involved in or responsible for GDPR compliance, such as:

  • Privacy managers;

  • Data protection managers;

  • Information security managers;

  • IT managers;

  • Project managers;

  • Corporate governance managers;

  • Risk and compliance managers;

  • General or privacy counsels; and

  • Finance, HR or marketing managers


Individuals with a basic knowledge of data protection regulation and practices, and looking to develop their career with a professional qualification.

Eligibility Criteria

All delegates attending  the GDPR practitioner course must have knowledge of the EU GDPR and have passed the Certified EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Foundation examination

GDPR Eligibility criteria


If you would like your company and staff to be GDPR ready, you can request for more course information and quotation by clicking the button. Register and save your seat Today!

Course description
Key outcomes
Who is this for
Eligibility criteria
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