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Risk Essentials Management
Gain broad understanding of risk management

Risk course description

Course description

Risk essentials management

This training course, which has a duration of 4 hours, covers the highlights of integrated Risk Management according to MoR®. It is meant for everyone who wants to know the basics of integrated Risk Management in a business context.

Risk Key outcomes

Course outline

  • Understanding Risk and the Need to Manage It

  • ​Risk Management Principles

  • The Risk Management Process

  • Risk Responses (mitigation measures)

  • Organizing Integrated Risk management

  • Risk Management Applied to Practical Scenarios

Risk Who is this for?

Who is this for?

Anyone who needs to have a basic understanding of risk management, for example to raise risk awareness and help embedding risk management

Risk Eligibility criteria

Eligibility Criteria

No prerequisite required

Risk Registration


If you would like to sharpen your skills, register now and save your seat. For registration or more course information click the below button. 

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