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Goals within your career

Setting goals gives your life direction and is the process for thinking about your ideal future, and for motivating yourself to turn your vision of this future into reality. With the process of setting goals helps you to choose in which direction your life will go and by planning ahead and setting goals, will help you to achieve the end goal.

There are a few people who are fortunate to have found the right career and be successful without much planning. The majority of us, do not just wake up and find our dream jobs landed in our hands. Finding the right career and making a success of it, takes planning, determination and goal setting.

Setting both long term and short term goals, is essential to succeed in your career. It gives you the ability to organize both your time and the resources available to you, in order to make the most of your career.

Creating a plan and setting goals will create the road map that will take you from choosing a career to succeeding in your career. Just as going on a road trip with no map may result in your getting lost and not arriving at your desired destination, having no map for your career may also result in your getting lost and not obtaining your desired end result.

Setting a long term goal, and then breaking this down into smaller achievable short term goals which work towards your long term goal, will help you to get where you want to go. Always ensure that the goals that you have set are achievable so as not to become despondent. Goal setting is an essential part of the career planning process.

When setting your goals:

  • Be specific, set a clear path, break down your idea of success

  • Write down your goals

  • Set long term goals

  • Set short term goals

  • Make sure to be able to measure the outcome of your goals

  • Make sure your goals are realistic and achievable

  • Share your goals with those close to you(Family or friends)

  • Be flexible when setting goals

  • Ensure your goals are achievable with a time period

  • Periodically assess your goals and progress

Goal setting will help you to achieve what you have set out to achieve in your career, one step at a time. They help you to move forward in a positive way.

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