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IT Certification or Degree?

There’s an on-going debate in the IT field about whether you need certifications or degrees to advance your career. IT professionals are having that very conversation on discussion forums and social networks across the Internet. And one question regularly comes up: which is more important, an information technology degree, or information technology certifications?

In general, a combo of certifications and an IT degree tell the story of a well-rounded IT professional. IT certifications are a great source of technical expertise and know-how, while a degree provides invaluable “soft skills” and knowledge that will serve you in building a career.

Below you can find some pros and cons:

  • Expenses and Benefits

  • Getting a degree can be expensive. At the University of Curaçao you will have to pay ANG 4500 yearly for 4 years. The benefit is that you will have a recognized bachelor’s degree that can help you in your way up in companies.

  • Certifications can be less expensive but has its own journey. You can not think that by getting one certification it is enough to achieve the required knowledge. It is important to gain the required certifications in the IT path you want to follow. More certification you get, more knowledge you gain and more opportunities you will have in your job.

  • Salary and Growth Opportunities

Many people will tell you that you don't need a degree which is true. But, those without a degree has less opportunity to earn more than those with a degree or have difficulty moving up. At the end of the day, you are only helping yourself by getting a degree.

  • Finding a job

Experience is what people want but a degree can stop your resume from being thrown out. One of the things I've noticed is that a lot of the big companies HR will not forward your resume to the IT department because you don't have a degree. And having certifications in addition to the degree can make you be a high potential in the eyes of the IT Department.

The safest solution, it seems: Get both. A certification and a degree combined may qualify you for a career path in which either one by itself won’t suffice.

This sounds like a time-consuming—not to mention expensive—solution. But obtaining both an IT degree and IT certifications can be feasible and beneficial for your own career.

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