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Your benefit with PURE IT Academy

PURE IT ACADEMY, your destination for IT Courses and everything related to career development for IT professionals.

Have you experienced years passing by without accomplishing your company/career goals, IT certification or not being fully skilled to perform your job adequately? Wanting to pursue your career or company IT goals without knowing how to start? Well that's why PURE IT Academy was founded for you. PURE IT Academy is committed to elevate Caribbean’s IT professionals by providing in-depth knowledge and understanding of technology, relevant experience and flexibility to stay ahead of the ever evolving technologies in the IT landscape.

PURE IT Academy guides you through your career roadmap with Instructor led courses. All through our PURE IT Academy & course program 2018 that has been designed with your success in mind.

  • Americas & Caribbean's Top certified instructors

  • Physical and Online Labs Hands -On Approach

  • Valuable IT certification

  • Personalized and engaging Learning Experiences

  • Classroom or In-House Training

  • Flexible price plans

  • Invested in your education Path & professional Fitness

What's in it for me We are taking it to the next level. Expect career transformation. Expect career & business excellence. Expect professional fitness. In order for you to get the PURE IT Academy experience for FREE, participate in the IT Professional Fitness Challenge and win a FREE 3-day bootcamp by answering 3 questions.

Take On The Challenge & WIN a FREE 3-day Bootcamp

Answer all 3 questions correctly and win a completely FREE 3-DAY BOOTCAMP of the most popular courses ‘Security, Network & Windows Server’ & the new PURE IT ACADEMY experience. The contest will start on the 28th of February and end Sunday, the 31st of March 2018. We will select a total of eight winners. The winners will be announced on 1st of April 2018. To participate you must be an (future) IT-professional of 21 years or older living in Curaçao

To participate in the challenge click here

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