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Is Security+ Certification a Good Entry Level or Not?

You will find that Security+ certification is a very good entry point for an IT security career, but, again, it’s not a good entry point for the IT industry as a whole. As an IT professional you will need foundational knowledge in order to pass this exam, which is why CompTIA recommends at least two years of professional experience in IT administration, as well as earning your Network+ certification before moving on to the Security+ certification.

This certification can prepare you to enter the world of IT security in a number of diverse roles. CompTIA notes that the following are some of the most common roles taken up by certificate holders:

  • Security Architect

  • Security Engineer

  • Security Consultant

  • Security Specialist

  • Security or Systems Administrator

Security+ certification is one of the top five most popular credentials for entry-level IT positions with most companies today (others include CISSP, CCNA, CompTIA A+, and CompTIA Network+).

Another reason why this is a good certificate to earn is the fact that, according to CompTIA, over 91% of employers see CompTIA certifications as validation of skills and knowledge required, as well as a forecaster that the employee will be successful. It is about serenity – knowing that they are bringing an employee on board who not only knows the basics, but has the potential to go on to a long, rewarding career.

You will find that Security+ certification also opens many doors with potential employers. The government is actually one of the employers seeing the most significant growth in terms of demand for credentialed IT professionals, and because the Security+ certification is DoD approved, you will have many more options than those who pursue other credentials will.

Yet another reason to consider CompTIA Security+ certification is the fact that many of the world’s major tech companies are part of the organization. Familiar names that you may encounter are like Apple, Dell, AT&T, and many others. Not only are these companies partners with CompTIA, but they actively employ CompTIA credentialed professionals.

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