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The road to Information Security

Information security which relate also to data security is a subject that is becoming more and more important with time. The meaning of the term computer security has evolved in recent years. Before the problem of data security became widely publicized in the media, most people’s idea of computer security focused on the physical machine.

This is by applying computer security to computing devices such as computers and smartphones, as well as computer networks such as private and public networks, including the whole Internet. The field covers all the processes and mechanisms by which digital equipment, information and services are protected from unintended or unauthorized access, change or destruction, and are of growing importance in line with the increasing reliance on computer systems of most societies worldwide.

Of course this sounds as repeat information for an IT Professional But the question is to which extend are you applying information security? Are you knowledgeable to execute this properly? We are likely to get different answers from different people. This difference occurs because the importance of this was dependable of how many sensible data the company use to manage and consequence of losing this.

In May of this year, a new European privacy regulation called GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) was enforced and will permanently change the way organizations across the European Union collect, store, and process data. With this I mean newsflash, GDPR doesn’t just affect big companies; it affects any company that collects personally identifiable information. This includes names, addresses, credit card numbers, IP addresses, and medical information

In the rush to ensure compliance with the finer points of the new GDPR legislation, some organizations overlook the basic requirements for cyber security training to ensure data is handled properly.

The road to information security is planning. The plan is both a description of the current situation and a plan for improvement. Make sure that in your planning you take care of all aspect not only the legal aspect and the infrastructure aspect but the education aspect also.

Having an information Security education road it will ensure that each employee knows the importance of being diligent with digital information and also discusses the necessary steps we can all take to reduce the risk of cyber crime.

Having security awareness seminar for end user. A good security awareness program should educate employees about corporate policies and procedures for working with information technology (IT). The focus of Security Awareness should be to achieve a long term shift in the attitude of employees towards security, whilst promoting a cultural and behavioral change within an organization. Security policies should be viewed as key enablers for the organization, not as a series of rules restricting the efficient working of your business.

For the IT professionals training for support level that includes an CompTIA Security as start till the CIO Level training which can be a CEH training or other that teach each of them not only defending and protecting but understanding the big responsibility that each of them have in the process

Making data security an integral part of your business culture will help you avoid unnecessary problems and also demonstrate your clients that there can trust you with their information

You are not alone we are your partner in this educational process. We will be here to help. Contact us and let us help you gather all information that is concerning your company, your staff and this education process.

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