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Top 3 common myths about ITIL

I. ITIL is only for technological organization ITIL is for the entire business. It can be any business of any sector. It is implemented to bring a qualitative change in the organization and solve the issues in the organization. II. ITIL is an outmoded, outdated concept which is no longer relevant in this era of Cloud services and Agile delivery. Quite the opposite in fact - it is now even more important that the ITIL framework for services is implemented to ensure that the business consumers of IT receive value for money.

III. ITIL doesn't work in an Agile environment This is not true. ITIL is a management tool to evaluate and create a fundamental diagnostic approach to the existing state of a service operations. Agile is a delivery methodology to ensure appropriate and fast project management to speed up delivery and reduce wastage both in terms of misappropriated resources and time management in a fast moving environment. ITIL Foundation, the right step to improve your business ITIL has shown to be the most used Best practice service management framework. If your company wants to be the best in customer-focused service management which delivers real business benefits, this is the right course you and your staff should attend. For more course information visit our website.

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