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New Upgrade paths of VMware

The VMware Certification team announced in August 2018 the implementation of their new certification name changes, where the year will be used to identify when the certification was earned. This change is intended to make it easier for certification holders and potential employers to immediately identify how current a holder’s certification is. This gives the certification holder predictability, relevancy and clarity.

  1. Predictability: Aligning VMware certification to the year versus the product version will support a consistent roadmap. Candidates can better plan and take more ownership of their VMware knowledge and expertise by having an awareness of when new updates and releases can be expected.

  2. Relevancy: Naming by the year better communicates the currency of the individual’s VMware skill level and immediately identifies the relevancy of their certification in the marketplace.

  3. Clarity: The new naming makes it easier to know which certification to earn when re-certifying or upgrading to a different track and eliminates confusion as to which certification is the most current.

Starting from August 1, 2019, the VMware certifications that contained the year 2018 in their naming convention are now updated to 2019. The trainings and exams qualifying for these certifications may remain the same, but now reflect when you passed the requirement, and new exam and training content will continue to be added and replace older content throughout the year.

The combination of exam and certification names and versions allows you to show when and on what you have validated your expertise. Exam names show the product version on which you certified, and the certification names will show when you passed all requirements and earned the certification.

VMware recently removed the mandatory two-year re-certification requirement and changed to an annual naming convention. This will provide flexibility over your own certification paths and allows you to show your relevancy and currency in the industry.

To help further streamline and allow you to stay current, VMware are now adding training options as an upgrade path for those re-certifying to the next version – no exam required.

The new naming will eventually apply to all VMware certifications and select badges.

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