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Mayor changes in certifications Path

Just as technology keep on evolving so does the training path

As several products comes into the market. More information is expected from the IT professional to know. Before the training path of the IT professional was more global. It was expected from the IT professional to multitask and to have a broad general knowledge.

Training used to focus on product knowledge. Requiring learners to sit through redundant training or training that they would only use 20 % on their job. Don’t get me wrong is very important to know a little bit of everything, but too much of everything can also become a whole lot of nothing. That’s my theory.

It still all about certifications, because as we all know that having certifications is not only a proof of your knowledge but also a standard when it comes to job qualification.

IT certifications show your knowledge of a product — not your competence as an employee. This is exactly what you get with some certification. a generic knowledge of a product that’s unspecific to your job needs.

So, don’t lose me here, what is happening is simple instead of focusing on the product knowledge they are shifting the focus to a skills-based approach based on specific job roles.

One no longer focused on generic overviews of technologies but on the skills and tasks needed by most professionals

Each role in a company demands a different set of skills and knowledge.

For example, there is still no MSCA training path For Window server 2019. I don’t think that their will be one neither. Microsoft is moving away from MCSA, MCSE and MCSD titles and focusing on role-based certifications.

Cisco is also trying to move in this new direction, but they did it another way. Starting 24 February 2020 they will only have 1 CCNA Certifications and only 1 CCNA exam that will cover a broad range of fundamentals for IT careers, but because of this change in exam and training you have the foundation you need to take your career in any direction after this. Meaning that the CCNP & CCDE certifications are all role based and now the cisco Specialist certification.

Ooh yes Mayor changes for VMware certification too , effective immediately, the mandatory re-certification requirement will be removed from all current certifications. There is also a change in the upgrade paths for those who want to upgrade to the most current version.

With great change comes great opportunities and mayor challenges. Stay tuned!

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