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ASKA N.V. | Successful Excel Training Level 1, 2 & 3

We have provided Corporate Excel Training to ASKA N.V. group of employees after business hours. A group of 10 employees successfully completed their Excel level 1,2 & 3 training.


" E lo bai ta hopi efisiente pa ku nos trabou, ya komo ku nos ta traha hopi ku MS Excel. E instruktor tabata hopi duidelijk pa ku e materia ku a wordu duna. E kontenido tambe tabata sufisiente i lo ta great pa nos hasi e sigiente nivel. Nos ta satisfecho ku e kurso duna". Edilene - ASKA

" The course content will help me at work in various aspects and tasks i do on a regular basis. Yes my expectations were met. The content and instructor detailed information i didn't know of i received a very clear explanation. It will improve my skills and be more efficient and apply the tools i have learned." Naomi- ASKA

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