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Mayor changes in certifications path (part 2)

I strongly believe Microsoft is adopting the approach of tell me what you need, and I will give it to you. As you already know instead of focusing on the product knowledge, they are shifting the focus to a skills-based approach based on specific job roles.

The industry isn’t likely to leave product and technology-based knowledge in the dust. But a shift in focus one specific to job roles and tasks can lead to more employees gaining the competence they need to excel. With great specificity in job training comes greater work performance might be less costly to create short, narrowly focused training for each role than to have to constantly update massive Learning courses each time one element changes. This brings also a mayor decrease in the training days.

The 5 days boot camp training will no longer be having high demand as they used to be. Why? Simple, if before you had to learn a whole lot of stuff to only use 20% of it in your job role daily task. Now the training courses will cover exactly what you need to know in your specific Job role daily task. Meaning 1 day or 2-day training is more than enough.

These certifications won’t just show product knowledge; they’ll show employers and peers you’re prepared for a career. One no longer focused on generic overviews of technologies but on the specific skills and specific knowledge you need in order to successfully do your job.

Let me show you an example of Microsoft if you want to earn the certification for Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert which is dived in 6 training courses than you should do

Exam 1: MS-100 Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements

  • MS-100T01: Office 365® Management (2 Days)

  • MS-100T02: Microsoft 365 Tenant &Service Management (2 Days)

  • MS-100T03: Microsoft® 365 Identity Management (2 Days)

This is only if you want to earn the specific certification. In other hand if you want to updated your knowledge in a specific subject that falls under this certification now you are able to do so without having to go through the whole 6 days training for only 1 subject that is related to your job role daily task .

With great change comes great opportunities and mayor challenges. A life without challenges is a boring one.

For more information and guidance in this career path please contact our Business consultants at 841 7873 or chat with us at

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